Septic System Fact Sheets

Why should I hire Land Works to install my septic system?

  • Conventional Systems (trench and pipe, Flow Diffusors )
  • Advanced Systems ( BSF, Advantex, Denitrification, FAST)
  • Eljen In-Drain Systems
  • Repair designs on existing homes
  • Cesspool abandonment (Pump and Fill)
  • Septic Tank  & D-Box Replacement
  • Access Riser replacement
  • Effluent Filter Replacement
  • Septic Line Replacement
  • Septic System Location
  • Cesspool Inspection
  • Septic System Repairs

Septic System Installation

Are you thinking about building a new home? Or maybe you have an existing cesspool that needs updating. Land Works has a solution for both. We specialize in installing the right system for your property and pride ourselves in leaving your property neat and clean.

RI Class I Designer # 1286     RI Septic Installer # 1681

Septic FAQ

We strive for perfection on every job! Our job sites are left clean and  neat during work and upon job completion. We have an excellent reputation with RIDEM ,our suppliers, and most importantly our customers. We handle all RIDEM Inspections. We provide detailed warranty and care information along with answering any questions you may have upon completion of your project.

Septic     Systems

Q.  I am buying a home and don't know if I have a septic System or a Cesspool?

 A. Septic Systems consist of a tank and a drain field, Cesspools are traditionally a steel, concrete or stone pit that sewage is discharged into. We can perform an onsite inspection and determine what type of system you have.

Q. what are some signs of a failing system or failing cesspool?

  • soggy ponding  areas of the lawn -usually accompanied by gray/black foul water.
  • water backing up into the toilets, sinks and washing machine.
  • Foul odors around the property
  • depressions forming around the septic system.
  • unusual "gurgling" sounds or slow drainage when flushing toilets.

Q. I can't find my septic tank!

A. Some ways to find the tank are,

  • look for a concrete or plastic cover usually 24"-36" in diameter
  • in the basement there will be a 4" pipe exiting the wall this gives a general idea of the direction of the tank
  • if you have a copy of the property survey the system is usually marked.

If you can not locate the system call us at 401-569-3763.  We can use our location equipment and knowledge to find the tank for you!

 Septic Services We Offer