Septic Tank / Cesspool Pumping

About Our Truck

Digging Fee over 6"- $25.00  Minimum

​Point of sale inspections with flow test $ 200.00

​ Septic Pumping Rates:

​Up to 1000 Gallons -$215.00

​Up to 1250 Gallons- $255.00

Up to 1500 Gallons- $295.00

​Up to 2000 Gallons-$360.00

​call for pricing above 2000 gallons

​C.C.L.S additive $40.00 Gallon

Additional charges may apply for neglected systems due to the increased build up of sludge which can be difficult to remove and will require more time and labor



Do I need to be home at  the time of service?

​we can provide standard maintenance with out any one being home, if the tank needs to be located we may need to access the home.

​How often should my tank be serviced?

​Cesspools  should be pumped every year as recommended by RIDEM, Septic Tanks should be serviced based on your individual use, the general time is 2-3 years between pump outs. we will make a recommended service interval based on your system use.

​How much hose does the truck carry?

​We carry 200' of suction hose on our truck.

​What should I expect during a routine service?

​When we arrive we will locate the covers and dig the covers if they are not already dug or the riser  to grade, one the covers are opened we can perform a visual inspection of the tank levels as well as measure the scum and sludge depths(this is how we make the service interval recommendation) we then pump the solids, liquid and scum from the tank, if you have an effluent/outlet filter we will wash the filter. once the thank is pumped we visually inspect the condition of the tank and replace the covers.





The pump truck is a 1990 Mack RB with a 2002 Andert Inc. 3300 Gallon tank. The truck was completely refurbished in our shop during the 2016-2017 winter season. The truck carries 200' of 3" suction line, 50 gallons of freshwater with 100' of water hose to wash filters and the suction hoses.  We also installed a Walex Vacu-Fresh Unit which takes the exhaust from the pump and passes it through deodorizing liquid, the second stack directs the pump vapors and exhaust away from ground level. We carry tools required to perform basic service work on this truck.


​​Servicing your septic system is one of the most important things you can do to prolong the life of your investment. Your Septic System Is one of the most expensive components of your house, It also can directly effect the health of you , your family, your neighbors and  the environment. ProSeptic  is here to provide you with professional septic services!

​Pricing Guide

  • Septic Tank and Cesspool Pumping
  • ​Restaurant Grease Trap Service
  • Septic Inspections
  • Camera Inspections
  • ​Leachfield and Sewer Jetting
  • ​C.C.L.S- septic additives
  • Real Estate Inspections
  • ​Effluent Filter Cleaning
  • ​Lift Pump Repair